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2020-09-23 | Virus | Climbing

Repeatedly, I have noticed that mountain climbing is a way of placing pitons, bootstrapping forward based on knowledge. It might be pulling dreams forward one piton at a time, weaving keywords against journal and memory. It might be implementing a standard framework of system documentation, improving systems by starting at a basic, common understanding of written language to level-set minimum understanding and improve from the base camp to reach the peak. Perhaps I am a sherpa in that sense at work.

This morning I was working on the build tab for MCJ. I iterate through the L1G3R build tree to create the tree widget. When the user expands the tab it labels the text of the build step by looking up the title. I want to stick with the convention of the directories being a tree of numbers so I can use the rest of my code for documentation. Because I'm working in wxPython, I am able to reuse these components easily; however, my knowledge of Python and the classes is weak. Ever since I started electronics, I have had a bit of a lazy attitude at first, preferring to have samples so I can get something going right away. Over time I learn more and more. There is a period of time where I'm just treading water. I can create some decent things, but I don't truly have knowledge, I have recipes. This morning, though, I finally got to the point where I grok the object types I'm working with, and can use the API documentation more effectively. This is also a form of knowledge, both for me, but also because I am documenting this code and publishing it, so that anybody can start there, at least, even if they don't have connectivity. Finally, a build of an OS is a set of knowledge in a similar way. Having the root knowledge gives you the ability to own and morph. This is what fed the explosion of IT: Richard Stallman's freedom. This is related. For that matter, Apple is related, or was, at least.

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