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2020-09-18 | Virus | Da Plans

First off, regarding cognition and my conclusion that I eventually will need to move to find people that will challenge me: I don't think there is much difference in the actual brains themselves, it is more about age. Youngsters are more flexible in thought. By the time most folks get to be 40+ years old, they have pretty much figured out how their world works and just want to trudge on through with what they know. That being said, I haven't figured out a good way to see if a large metropolitan area has subcultures that are interesting. My thought is that the bigger cities, on this coast at least, are embroiled in a kind of social battle that sucks all of their energy and time (plus, the day to day battle just to do normal things). I should probably try and find a subculture near Seattle. It might exist. Maybe in Auburn? That is a ways off with our social distancing (and Bobo).

Second, regarding the persistence of what I have done: one of the leading CDN/WAF services that I've used for many years, has teamed up with archive org to provide websites even if the source host is down. I have fifteen sites, now, that weave everything I've written so far, along with source code and tools. I just checked, and as of today all of them are permanently archived. The cool thing about this, is that I can continue to document how to use knowledge and models to iteratively work towards goals that are outside of the normal AI, and it will stay, regardless of what happens to me or my ability to maintain it. It would be enjoyable to actually meet people and be challenged, etc. (besides the big huge /dev/null I usually get). But, I can settle for persistence. Actually, I told Bobo about all of this four months ago or so, and he got it. He asked intelligent questions about it. He understood why it was important. The other person I know that truly gets it and is active is in her mid twenties. Sean, as always, is supportive, but she is not particularly interested in building models around knowledge. She mainly likes to read my writing.

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