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2021-02-21 | Virus | Knowledge Hobby Anyone?

Most of what I do in my spare time is technically called "knowledge management". It started with MCJ to correlate dreams, tags, etc., and also worked as a content management system. I've gone on from that to add graphs and ontology features, and apply it to IT, but I've also done stuff like this . I still don't know anybody, personally, that is interested enough in the field, for either their own set of information (journal) or professionally, that they try and improve or understand tools/ideas in this area on their own time. I find that puzzling. Can that really be true? Knowledge is what kicked us out of Eden, after all, right? It is the nature of being human, dealing with exponentially increasing knowledge and sharing it. I always liked that paradox: good, "Who doesn't like knowledge?" sure, but it did get us kicked out of Eden.

I'm always looking for somebody that shares this interest, anybody else that does the most rudimentary knowledge management for anything they write, or tools the create, but so far, zilch. I know a couple of my friends write long-form and post, which is a start. I've noticed a decline in knowledge management interest, ironically, in IT, both with people I know from the past in IT, but also with people I work with now. It make sense in a way; systems are getting very complex, but it genuinely puzzles me that there is apparently no crossover from work to personal with knowledge management. I suppose that means I picked the correct career?

When PCs first came out, regular people were all excited and built their own databases (datastar, etc). I helped Jolene Unsoeld build her own database for her election campaign in late 1983. Her husband, Willi, was literally a mountain climber who climbed with the professor that taught me journal writing and the form I use with MCJ (mountain climbing journal). Around this time was when Apple announced the Macintosh. The excitement, the promise of what that meant, what regular people could do outside of corporate control was what the ad was about, right?

Apple =Knowledge, metaphorically, as I understand the Bible story. In 1987 you can see what this could mean if we had real knowledge in reference to real problems (not just identity badges for individuals worn like silver stars on a feed). This also shows a rich form of communication, much like what is in practice between professionals now. My issue is what we have ceded the knowledge part as individuals. We have portals into the internet to share information, but we don't own tools to do models ourselves (specific to this, we could model, say, deforestation vs CO2). The internet in general is astounding as far as how we share knowledge, or can. This is different than the tools to manage knowledge (an Apple Computer). I suspect that Jobs knew exactly what that power was, in addition to the physical aspects (human interface with the tool). So, what happened? Perhaps people and businesses no longer distinguish what they possess and what they connect to, and they are happy to rely on cloud entities that filter and digest information and return knowledge in a way that is convenient.

That Apple ad throwing the hammer was more about democratization of knowledge management from my perspective, and I want to keep that alive. I have a strategy, actually, for addressing this. My idea is that the simplest tool will get people used to the idea that they can own their own knowledge management systems. The output, the realization of goals and requirements fed into the model, will not necessarily be monetary profit. What do you want? Do you really want to stop CO2 emissions? (Probably not, as that means immediate collapse, billions die, etc., but it might be better than our current business as usual long term... of course, this is exactly why real knowledge management is not appealing. Do you want better working conditions? Do you want to be healthy? I'd say that relying on the mRNA hack of the year by global corporations is likely not what you want, what we want as a species... but that isn't my fight. I just need to create that seed, a demonstration and documentation of how this could work.

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