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2020-12-26 | Virus | Playing in the Band

I am looking forward to finishing out the year rounding out IT Docent, which has remained in the background as I finished up the rest of the tools. Seriously... I am almost done. I'm pretty sure I can wrap it up in 2020 at a state I can leave, much like how it took me 23 years to finally finish building and documenting my Z-80 homebrew computer.

I see traces of this idea going back to 2006 when I wrote Information Markup . I have a link in that article to this: http://www.oasis-open.org/cover/hierarchies.html , which is pretty much right smack dab in my world the last couple of years. I also learned a deeper analysis perspective between 2006 and 2008, enough to understand that knowledge of a system can and should be captured, and how to do it in a way that could be re-used through various iterations. At the same time I saw the tide going the opposite way as far as tolerance for analysis, which motivated the automated parts of my ideas. If I count 2006, then, which is fair because of the iterative understanding of systems analysis that started with Krista teaching me what a solution description was (2006) and learning DFDs in 2014, then this has been fourteen years. The homebrew had some idle periods, so I am on track for roughly the same kind of closure effort and time.

This is what it looks like:

At the base is a journal and content management system that first and foremost acts as a journal that stores all entries locally on a filesystem tree. (Journal= something to log dreams, daily experience, memories, etc., and correlate with keywords and classify by type, publishing as a complete website.) The top half of the SS shows how the IT Docent website is rendered and managed. IT Docent is unique because it follows the layered journal-on-DFD scheme, kind of like how the VW repair guide for idiots is, but re-imagined for IT. This lets you navigate the DAG (Directed Acyclic Graph) like a website with narrative. In this particular entry I'm also showing an infrastructure view with an associated website article on sysadmintools that explains it.

In the lower right you can see the tool I use to build out the DAG. I can define the nodes and text and then just click on the nodes to connect. It works much faster than existing tools like Protege, although I have loaded up the ITD RDFS file successfully into Protege.

Notice the Build tab at the top of the Mountain Climbing Journal page? It will build the OS that I'm running all of this on from source code (Linux kernel then glibc on up). You can actually download an image of the OS if you want, and run it in QEMU. Some of the tools, strangely, are getting more difficult to run locally, with full control, as we cede our ability to own our tech to cloud services. Time will tell if we can continue to sustain the complex ecosystem of services that drive our supply chain in an increasingly consuming way on many levels. As for me, I don't have to worry too much about that, I just need to make sure that I can run this end-to-end without requiring external technical ecosystem components, and publish it. There is a bit of javascript to render the DAGs and zoom, etc., but I publish explicitly and am clear about the dependency.

Last week I published all of this in the public domain, at least all of my code and tools. I don't really care to get credit. I just needed to see it done end-to-end as I first envisioned it back in May 2019. In some ways it turned out better than I thought it would. I simply asked the question "Can't these diagrams be automated?" and the rest just emerged from that. The trick to this, is at the core, the underlying idea is a standard that has been around for twenty years or so. Rendering a data flow as a graph and giving it semantic meaning cannot be monetized in the most obvious way it can/should be done. BOOM. Another boost was that there are a group of folks that created an official ontology for data flow that I can utilize. This is important because I am a bit of an outsider artist from this perspective, and having a cadre of ontology PhDs publish something that matched almost exactly what I imagined was both reassuring, but it gave me some firm ground to finish up my effort. That doesn't stop endless iterations of companies trying to put their own twist on it, hang a cluster of servers off of in da cloud somewhere and trying to make money off of the chain of work started by Torvalds, Stallman, Berners-Lee and many others, arriving at a world driving in tight circles going nowhere in one week sprints... well, unless you consider making the supply chain more complex and consuming at the expense of the living planet a destination. (I know, I know, most everybody on this email believes they are part of progress forward... forgive me. I live in a kind of limbo and isolation. Hate the game, not the player, right? Our world has been this way for many decades, likely ever since WWII.)

Here is a bit of a comedy in this: back in the late nineties, when I wrote articles, I would use a fake domain name of groceryshoppin.com. I thought the idea of purchasing groceries online was absurd, so it was my joke. At one point I even resolved the domain on my LAN. Again, many of you are in the world where it makes sense that people use up the capital of their 30 thousand dollar cars, burning up them up along with the planet ecosystems as a (presumably) stellar version of "disruption". About the only thing this will disrupt over four years is the lives of the tools that facilitated the lopsided wealth as they delivered products, accelerated by 2020. Funny yet? hahaha. :)

I was filling out the IT Docent part of this and got to the "fanisizer" process. It is a fictional outsourced digital marketing service, a large component of a modern company. Part of it is to boost viewings from the IdentiTroll social media platform. I registered both fanisizer and identitroll. My hobby, I suppose, after I wrap up IT Decent, will be putting up a parody of our digital marketing and social media world of the current day. Some of you are younger, and have been immersed in what "identity" means and how it plays out in our lives, and don't see the issue. I find it kind of absurd, much like online grocery shopping. I will be having some fun with that... pure mad magazine-level satire. There was some of this starting in the tkitty stories, for instance: Bridge Loan to Series C Financing. True, it is based on the absurdity of start-ups and the CEO's alternate reality bubble, but it is funner than droll triples. I intend to continue.

As for my statement of purpose, that still holds. Here is the thing that is really interesting. After all of this journey, all of this typing, all of the coding, learning Python... all of it, the core idea of this doesn't have to be typed. It all exists as standard tool sets and definitions without my work. Back to the 2006 article I mentioned above, it is all becomes dialog. "What do you call this thing?", "Who uses it?", "Where is the immediate data stored?", "How is the data transformed after the user pushes 'send'?", "How critical is it?", etc. There is an insight towards the end of one of my all-time favorite movies that was finally released in the full 5 hour version in 2020 (UTEOTW) where they are playing music together. The iterations towards understanding systems become like playing music. It is not technology, although it maps to tech that forms the music in different ways, much like different instruments need to be manufactured, a piano, for instance. Quite simply, we can relax a bit, have fun building/improving at whatever arc of global supply chain consumption and collapse we are at, and play music as we map to this: https://w3id.org/dfd and any other maps of semantic meaning. I can play music anywhere, and will insist on that freedom. But, most of all, as UTEOTW demonstrates and is explicit in narration, playing music with others in a band is the pinnacle of experience, and is perhaps the reason we are here on the planet: to make music together.

So... on to music and comedic satire in 2021, then. Thank you for the days.


True, this is all online, but that will only go so far. If you know me, just give me your address and I'll send you a copy of all via snail mail. I will include some video tutorials as well, that don't exist yet... another 2021 task, even if the ITD model is done (I actually forgot about the video tutorials until just now... not quite as fun as my mad magazine-ish fantisizer and identitroll , but I do like rambling a bit.) I have a 25 GB cap, and right now I am only taking up 10 GB on the disk, so I could include an awful lot of vids. At a minimum, the disks will be spread around with a label of "I dent IT; Roll!"... yes! In the spirit of Kabluey, then, I'll love you til the end of the world.


2020-12-26 :

I'm thinking that 25 GB is a challenge, 13 GB of videos recorded in 2021. If the past is any lesson, few will ask, but I will leave "I dent IT; Roll!" strewn about in my wake.

2020-12-28 :

Today I feel like a refactor/replan is in order. Videos are too dense. It would be useful to distill all of this into a solution description that centered around this work. The entire world here and on the other sites is irrelevant to 99.999% of people. It takes a rare person and perspective to follow all of the threads here. Further, the videos would mainly be useful to somebody trying to figure out how to use all the tools. Sure, it serves as a showcase, a proof-of-concept for the ideas, but the distilled version should be immediately applicable. I need to focus on that: create a solution description that the majority of readers could digest in one hour, and ensure that prior art exists for all ideas, primarily Gane and Sarson and the published DFD ontology to supplement. Fanisizer and IdentiTroll crack me up. I'll continue with that for fun, but I need to make this more accessible.

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