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2020-11-30 | Virus | Mediocre Bros

Can you imagine somebody saying fifty years ago: The key to success, son, is only thinking a few weeks ahead. Don't learn new things unless it is in relation to a certification for your immediate work. Don't write anything longer than a couple of paragraphs, ever. Don't waste time reading past the second paragraph. Don't try and think of the broader system. In fact, don't try to think at all, or if you do, don't let anybody know. Be one of the bros. Drink trendy alcoholic beverages. Show you can act stupid (but not too stupid). Be a tool. Don't call it that, but you need to be a tool to be successful. This is the secret. In everything, try and be mediocre at what you do. Above all, appear like you are having fun and post it on the matrix feed. This is important. If you do this, son, you will be successful. Appearance is more important than content. Remember all of these things, or you'll end up in the basement with a red stapler.

It isn't just the intellectual stuff, either. It is a wide range of competence. I'm criticizing the kind of collusion toward mediocrity as a means to success that I experience more and more. There are exceptions, just like there are to every generalized statement. I was just thinking that the whole "competent man" lecture, over time, has disintegrated, like many things.

As far as my experience with women, it has been different. The anti-excellence, anti-knowledge, anti-intellectual stuff is much different with women. I learned how to do IT analysis from a woman. The two people in the entire world that I would like to meet with and talk to about intellectual stuff are women. Desiree Daniel, who lives in Bern, Switzerland and Vandana Kabilan, who currently lives in Stockholm, Sweden. Considering that I hate to travel, I'm probably out of luck.


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