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2020-11-22 | Virus | The Truth About Planes On Fire

I was thinking about Aldous Huxley this morning, in tandem with Ivan Stang, who was gallivanting around with Paul Krassner at the Starwood Festival. There are many more names involved, many perfect quotes. Now, here's an interesting question. Am I grieving more for the loss of freedom that our systemic stress has created, or am I grieving more for the living planet? Massive mobilizations like we are facing next year for vaccine distribution, as well as the consolidation and entrenchment of tech-heavy solutions, will only make things worse, will only accelerate the split of a traditional barrier to exploitation off from our day-to-day lives, leaving us with limited options provided by machines of loving grace in the hands of a few corporate overlords. Am I grieving the loss of intellectual curiosity of those I know? At one point most everybody I know was a consciousness cybernaut in varying degrees. Remember when just a new cassette tape could bend your head? We couldn't wait to explore something new, push what is there until it broke and we could find out what it was really made out of, how it really worked. Now it is just the same tracks of proper thought over and over and over and over by everybody I know (mostly, there are some exceptions). At work, and it has been this way for years, there is a kind of collusion for mediocrity by the majority. The interval of design is divorced (another part of the split, the intellectual and tangible wedge being driven between us and previous times). I may be grieving the intellectual spontaneity and originality more than the dying ecosystems for vertebrates. I'll have to mull that over... kind of horrifying.

The scary thing, is that from a certain perspective, the kind of freedom and spontaneity that I grieve is a luxury that as a species we can no longer afford. That is why things are happening as they are. We are simplifying the supply chain, minimizing the freedom, consolidating power, pulling the traditional feel-good value wool over our eyes. But more and more I realize that this is the situation. There is no way out. It is actually a necessary outcome (back to Huxley). So it is unreasonable of me to expect people to act differently. They are working at places that demand a certain kind of mediocrity. It pays the bills. I work at such a place. So was the last place I worked, and the time before that. I can go back 17 years or so, and it was hell if I tried to understand things. If I just let things go on autopilot, my life was much better, and it appeared that I was more successful at work (Meanwhile the business was about to lose their biggest customer because of a technical failure that I eventually uncovered, but not in time. My new years resolution for 2005 was STFU).

The varied options, the freedom, at one point worked well, but it relied on invisible negative externalities. But, now, the jig is up. We need something to replace the frontier. People need to feel that their stupid, repetitive list of 20 top reactions to everything in the world is helping, even though we have exhausted past promise. This is what bothers me so much about the Oatmeal Gene Roddenberry bit. After the airplane incident he didn't spend his time making better engines. He spent his time telling reassuring stories to a civilization going down in flames. Perhaps this is where we are at. I just resist it is all.

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