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2020-11-07 | Virus | End of the World

I had a dream a little over a month ago that I was triangulating, and it lead me to NoNIC, so I was inspired to complete the base again (Not a dream about triangulation, a dream that I performed a triangulation process on). What does that mean? Well, here

It is kind of weird. I have my own woven set of myth and relations. I repeat myself in cycles... this one goes way back to 2006. The main difference between now and 2006 is that the dev tool for the UI for MCJ is all Python and free (freedom and beer), vs. a closed and non-free programming language. I forgot that I used No NIC as the name for the oldntheway email (which no longer exists... I killed off a huge web of efforts and that identity).

The full desktop:

The OS works much better than before. The picture is from Until the End of the World, which, btw, they just released a 4k version that Wim Wenders oversaw, the full ~ 5 hour version. Quite a prophetic movie. Also, it is a fabulous caution related to this thread as I look inward to triangulate No NIC. The fix, I suppose, in the movie, for being too obsessed with your dreams, was to disconnect and write. There is a cold turkey aspect to this. Eugene keeps rewriting the story that Claire is in as part of the movie (and, Wim Wenders wrote the movie itself with Solveig Dommartin in real life). There is nothing wrong with recursion, self-reference, and re-writes. Lots of stuff works that way. The trick is to grow with the loop and not get sucked inward (I suppose... I'm mostly blind here, but I have some ideas on how to escape).

One small tidbit about the desktop. The control at the top of the screen on the far left is a screen capture tool. In the first desktop screenshot you can see a pattern on it. I'm using something called e16 epplets. They are kind of old, and that is part of why they are so tiny. But for some odd reason you can set screensavers for the screenshot epplet. It is part of an old window manager (e16) that has a loyal following. It doesn't have lots of dependencies, which is good if you are using an OS to compile itself (the whole running an OS to run the documentation and build tools for the OS while you are running the same exact system has some interesting comparisons to the premise of UTEOTW). The idea that your widgets have their own screensaver is hilarious. I love these e16 folk.

uteotw e16

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