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2020-08-23 | Virus | Global Virus Reach

What you think is right and worth doing comes from empire. I don't know anybody where this isn't the case. The differences are minor. About the only thing that is different, is that some people do dig at that a bit and try and understand their own telemetry in empire, what that means, and what is needed. PKD put it well: β€œthe enslaved people cannot be rescued by departing the Empire [the BIP] because the Empire is worldwide.”

I'm not on the same Gnostic extreme as PKD, but I get the insanity. I get the need to blame the entire situation on simply being the wrong reality (one of his favorite literary devices). My empire critique is simply around all of the social media bs, these silly battles, and yet all based in empire, every one of you (and myself). Much respect to those that dig, try and scrape away that veneer, try and learn something new. Much respect for those that create real knowledge... and, yes, I guess I respect that in myself, but I do also share... I just know few who have the cycles to break out... seriously, the BIP seems more and more true. And, no, this isn't on any side of the current lines. This is much larger.

Here is something that is related that bothers me. From what I figure, the written word is roughly 6,000 years old. Much of what we consider knowledge, then, is that old. The written word is required for civilization to exist, and civilizations tend to involve or become empire eventually. So, there is some pretty intense paradox writing about BIP at all, or even differentiating between, say, trying to build knowledge vs. simply being a tool for attention. From a certain perspective, then, the folks I know who just take their loot, have some fun, and take selfies putting out water dishes for dogs or putting the latest hashtag in the window of their condo vs. building knowledge are actually opposed to empire.

Is the way out of the BIP the opposite of building knowledge? I don't think that is what PKD had in mind. In fact, the key out of the BIP was a beam of information (knowledge) a pink beam of light that revealed the truth, the real reality (Gnostic). Now, this likely is a fallacy. I need to be careful. While the written word is required for civilization, and the written word implies knowledge, and this is required for empire (and empire most likely follows civilization), there are likely other organizing structures that could arise from the written word. The fallacy is that there are some significantly stable forms of humans organizing that had no written word. So, I am certain that if there was no written word there would be no empire. I am also certain that humans can organize in a harmonious way without the written word.

Regarding the BIP link from above, I used to think that the Burroughs "language is a virus" bit was about ideas, and it could be written or spoken word and music. This whole line of thought I have here with empire, as well as the general feeling (particularly on fb) that everybody is trapped in a Matrix nightmare, as well as the correlation with civilization and empire, plays out well in the context of Levy's interpretation of PKD. The entire organism has been infected.

While there are some fallacies in there around necessary outcomes, the general idea works if I go with the first sentence of this article. "What you think is right and worth doing comes from empire." It is true that empire poisons thought at a very basic level, no alternate universes required. In the days of the debates of not-yet President Lincoln, though, people could think still. The infection was not as complete.

How did we get here, then? For some reason, I love to fall back on science fiction shows (such a nerd, I guess), but what happened after Lincoln? The black oil happened. Oil. It wasn't just empire, it was the illusion of how things worked with cheap energy and hiding negative externalities. This helps me understand a bit, because I know there is no real difference between humans in general, nothing to explain the complete drop-off in ability to challenge the fake reality presented (much, much like PKD... this is falling into place). So: 6,000 years ago the word. This leads to knowledge, and there are several cycles of collapse. Then coal and oil happened (mostly oil, but we did get a start at this with energy in general). Infection of the global organism! That does make much more sense. written word + a few cycles of civilization and empire + fossil fuels = the right temperature to infect the current world-wide organism. And, yes, that includes everybody I know, including myself. The only difference is if we notice the cat go by twice, signifying a glitch. Ya know... these longer fb posts end up taking an entire day for me when I re-write for my journal. I'm going to have to capture this raw and do that some morning. Not today, though, nope. Pretty excited about this... some fresh flesh here. And then... well... I can add paragraphs and such, heh. Oh... and likely there is a correlation to mass, the sheer mass of knowledge, that is another vector of infection. This is why we need computers to support the mass... and there we are back at global supply chain again. Ooooo... so ouroboros.

I'm trying to speak in more concrete terms. It is particularly difficult for others because I've built up my on short-cut of ideas, a weird combination of science fiction and religion, as well as my own allegories and metaphors. What I would really like to do today is put in this new instrument cluster for Betty, my 67 econoline, that, miraculously I got back. I started thinking about this instrument cluster thingy, though, and it is illustrative of some of the ideas, but in a concrete way. You can't really buy new parts that plug in. Some, maybe, but unless new machining has been put in, you are stuck with old parts. If you replace the gauge, usually you also need a new sender (the electro-mechanical piece that measures stuff like speed based on the transmission or some other spinning piece). But, the supply chain around the parts themselves doesn't exist anymore, and it is difficult to fabricate again. You can even see some of this with published CDs and DVD/Blu-rays to a lesser extent. It takes knowledge as well as lots of related supply-chain to create this stuff. There is a network cable that connects the brain-box to the instrument cluster... regular old cat5e. This means there is an entire computer in both boxes.

Sure, the supply chain behind both boxes is multiple orders of magnitude above the supply chain for the original gauges, but the computer-based one can be applied to multiple systems. So, from a certain perspective, my understanding of the world, here, is quite skewed. If I was involved in the supply chain directly, just to create, say, a speedometer cable, and sourced the metals, machined it, developed processes to weave and treat the cable, it could take a lifetime. Instead, I have something that seems easy and magical, as though all that unfettered capitalism created it simply because of some kind of magician's hand. But that isn't really the situation. The destruction this meter represents is mind boggling vs. the destruction that an old-fashioned cable represents. In the present, though, everything we see and talk about comes out of that magic. We can never really understand it. We have been infected in how we think of car gauges and systems. Ah, Sunday, a time for looters and legos and boats.

Some day I'll have power
Some day I'll have boats
A tract in some suburb
With Thanksgivings to host

Jello is so very direct. Not many layers, there, and it fits with many I know... I often think about this song as I get older and watch my friends from a long time ago get used to pretty much every aspect of this song. The cool thing about the language virus bit, though, is that it explains things in a less judgemental way. Jello is a bit judgemental... heh... still, much respect for him and his battle. We still all go up and up.

Of course, I am an outsider. I didn't drink beer in the street with Jello like Sigg did.

Well, I dreamed there was an island
That rose up from the sea
And everybody on the island
Was somebody from TV
And there was a beautiful view
But nobody could see
'Cause everybody on the island was saying:
Look at me!
Look at me!
Look at me!
Look at me!
Because they all lived on an island
That rose up from the sea
And everybody on the island
Was somebody from TV
And there was a beautiful view
But nobody could see
'Cause everybody on the island was screaming:
Look at me!
Look at me!
Look at me!
Look at me!
Look at me!
Paradise is exactly like
Where you are right now
Only much much better

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