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2021-10-08 | Operations | Flower Power Hour

I was working late, writing my Lucius story, and I ran out of kerosene. Kerosene used to be cheap, particularly when I could buy some from Ken when he had the barrels from his eco-reclaim business. He would charge homeowners $100 to inspect and drain their old underground fuel oil tanks, and would just pump out the old fuel. He had 10 or so drums of it stored underneath his trailer. It worked fine in my Aladdin mantle lamp, but it did smoke up easily.

Fran was still on her porch smoking her pipe... cherry wood, love that smell, and she said I could plug in to her outlet at the top of the ravine. She even gave me an extension cord, but I couldn't find an adapter, because my van power connector is old:

I ended up running the extension cord up from under the engine, but it would be nice to use this plug. I like it.

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