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I run an old web page counter service, Luv Counter XYZ, that I started in 1996. I don't get revenue anymore, but some sites still use the counter, so I leave the counter in place. I retired in 2009, after I lost most of my savings, sold my house, and now I do occasional IT consulting through a staffing service when I need money to move my van. Nowadays, I have morphed the counter as a way to track love of this site, my metaview of items of interests. It is funny. I got my start tracking love of sites for other users, but now that I am on the long tail down, watching sunrise and sunset from the view of my van doors, I am interested in how my love spreads myself, and want to count it.


2021-11-13: Esoteric
2021-11-12: I Message
2021-10-08: Flower Power Hour
2021-09-12: Bus Ride
2021-02-23: Collapse Optimism
2021-02-21: Knowledge Hobby Anyone?
2020-12-26: Playing in the Band
2020-12-18: Gather
2020-12-13: Ummm... Why?
2020-11-30: Mediocre Bros
2020-11-29: Taking Stock
2020-11-22: The Truth About Planes On Fire
2020-11-16: Collapse of All
2020-11-12: Knowledge Gumbo
2020-11-09: Armchair Sand
2020-11-08: What if?
2020-11-07: End of the World
2020-10-24: Base Camp
2020-10-11: Messages
2020-10-01: The Procinfo Dude and Random Thoughts
2020-09-27: Who to see?
2020-09-23: Climbing
2020-09-20: Disconnected
2020-09-18: Da Plans
2020-09-16: Reading and Writing
2020-08-26: Home
2020-08-23: Global Virus Reach